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INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA GROUP Classes are ONLY Available on Dec 6, 2020 from 12pm-4:30pm and is Now OPEN for Registration.

- DO NOT Book until you UNDERSTAND that this is a Hands-on Loc Styling Class.

- NO REFUNDS or Transfers

- Please read the Instructions below.

- Review the Flyer Detail to make sure you understand the type of Class
    - You will receive a Certificate at the end of completing the full class.

     - ONLY 1 Model is needed for Loc Styling for approximately 3-4 hours / MUST HAVE SHOULDER LENGTH OR LONGER LOCS

     - Age 18+ & NO Professional License is required for Locs (Indiana Law) but you will have to research your State's Law.

     - You will learn Different Loc Styles on your Model.

    - You will Gain insight on attracting more potential clients by taking this class.

    - Contact us via email if a Model is needed. Model Fee $125.00

- Use your Full Name or send an Email of your FULL Name for your Certificate.
- You'll be contacted via Email. Make sure your email address is entered in correctly.
- Must Pay the Deposit 

    The Remainder is DUE in CASH ONLY the Day of the Class (CASH ONLY or NO Class).

TOTAL COST: $375.00 / Non-refundable & Non-Transferable Deposit of $150.00

Register NOW so you are Set with no worries of a SOLD OUT Class