LocsByAnj Private Training Class

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• Book your 1 on 1 IN-PERSON (2-3 hrs). Pay your $75 Deposit per class, and remainder due the day of Class (CASH ONLY).

LocsByAnj on 1 Training Class - Training Pricing Varies

    - Starter Loc 650.00+ (2-3 Hrs) - 1 Model needed or Rent a Model for $75

  - Retwist Class $525.00+ (2-3 Hrs) - 1 Model needed or Rent a Model for $75

  - Styling Class for Beginners $400+ (2 hrs) - 1 Model needed with Retwist Ready to style. Must have shoulder length or longer. Rent a Model for $75

    - Loc Extension / Crochet Method Class $1000.00+ (1.5-2 Hrs) - No Model needed

Shadowing Training Class - Training Pricing Varies

    - ALL Day Shadow (7-10 hrs) (Includes Lunch Time & 15 min Break) $500+

*NO COSMETOLOGY LICENSE REQUIRED FOR NATURAL BRAIDS/LOCS/DREADLOCKS (In INDIANA & other States; must research). Also, this is not Taught in Cosmetology School so you will need Private Training Sessions to enhance your skills in this field.


 DO NOT Book until you have confirmed my Next Available Dates via TEXT (317-938-8805)

- Register on Website by selecting Add to Cart

- Schedule your In-person Training Session

- Use your Name or key-in the Instruction Area for your Certificate.

- You'll be contacted via Phone (Text) or Email (Make sure your email address is entered in correctly).

- Must Pay the Remainder in Full the Day of the Class (No Layaways - CASH ONLY)

- Earlier you Register you'll be scheduled a date within 15-30+ Days (Availability Sunday-Tues for 1 on 1 Class or Fri or Sat for Shadowing Class).